Feet in the Earth

A story of refuge, homecoming and standing in the land.


Wild Women Gather est. 2015

A closed Facebook Group for women from all walks of life. I made this space on a hot summers day after rain when I needed a place to go and my heart was full. Follow the link and send a request.

#thisisrefugi est. 2016

Refugi provides shelter from the storm to those in need.  A meaningful private member's club in the mountains offering refuge, residencies and recharging in the French Pyrenees.


The House & The Hill est. 2010

 Time and space and acres of stars. The House & The Hill is a creative mountain retreat offering short and medium term escapes for urban dwellers lost in the wasteland.


The Cathartic Sessions est. 2017

Open heart surgery for startups. Helping meaningful businesses cut through all the noise, the drama and the bullshit, so you can get to the heart and soul of the work.

#gracemanifesto est. 2016

A ten point manifesto calling us to move beyond fear and do the work together. Written in the mountains on November 12, 2016 on a clear, blue day after a storm.


Visual Poetry

A collection of works created along the path. Documenting the process of my creative reawakening.

Primal Landscape

A sense of space and place. This is what home feels like. A photographic gallery of places, people and landscapes.

Further Reading

Selected references, websites and links about homecoming, homesteading, pilgrimage, nature connection and the Heroine's Journey.