Feet in the Earth

A story of refuge, homecoming and standing in the land.


Wild Women Gather est. 2015

A closed Facebook Group for women from all walks of life. I made this space on a hot summers day after rain when I needed a place to go and my heart was full. Follow the link and send a request.

#thisisrefugi est. 2016

A salon project in the hills.
Refugi provides shelter from the storm to those in need.  A creative community offering Open Residencies, refuge and gatherings in the French Pyrenees.


The House & The Hill est. 2010

 Time and space and acres of stars.
The House & The Hill is a creative mountain retreat offering short and medium term escapes for urban dwellers lost in the wasteland.


Visual Poetry

A collection of works created along the path. Documenting the process of my creative reawakening.

Primal Landscape

A sense of space and place. This is what home feels like. A photographic gallery of places, people and landscapes.

Further Reading

Selected references, websites and links about homecoming, homesteading, pilgrimage, nature connection and the Heroine's Journey.